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How to talk about product recalls

Products are recalled every day. Recalls vary in scale and severity with differing degrees of impact – to both the producer and its audiences. Diazepam Kopen Arnhem has successfully Buy Diazepam Uk Forum across many industries and categories. In our experience, no matter what a company is recalling and its reasons for doing so, audiences are primarily concerned about: health and safety, restitution, containment, investigation, regulation and resolution.

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Crisis PR during the government shutdown – stuck in Grand Teton National Park

What do you do when you’re facing a crisis situation that you can’t control? U.S. government entities are facing this situation now with the partial shutdown of the federal government, including the Jackson Lake Lodge where I am currently staying.

This week, Buy Ambien Zolpidem, Buy Xanax In Las Vegasand I, all with Fineman PR, are attending the Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online in the Park Service-operated Grand Teton National Park. Yesterday, all the guests received a letter notifying us that the lodge would have to close its facilities, and all guests would have to leave by Thursday.

First things first, kudos to the Jackson Lake Lodge team for a job well done. Communicating bad news is never easy. The letter was sympathetic, explained the facts and offered assistance to guests who would need to make other arrangements.

When you can’t resolve a situation (i.e., end the shutdown), don’t know when the crisis will end and can’t promise it won’t happen again, stick to communicating what you do know.

As with any crisis, don’t speculate, stick to the facts. If you can communicate that you’re the messenger and not the “bad guy,” your audience will be more patient and forgiving.

As for us, luckily we were scheduled to leave on Thursday so the shutdown didn’t affect our travel plans. And we have this view to put things in perspective:

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Sunset in Jackson Hole, WY – Wilderness Risk Management Conference 2013

In Crisis PR, the Best Defense Isn’t (Always) a Good Offense

“The best defense is a good offense.”

This approach is often recommended for everything from sports to litigation to political campaigns. When it comes to crisis communications, going on the offensive is not always the right strategy.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on Asiana Airlines’ take on crisis communications in response to the Asiana Flight 214 crash at San Francisco International Airport.

“‘It’s not the proper time to manage the company’s image,’ said an Asiana representative in Korea, when asked about the company’s response.”

Though I recognize the cultural values that may influence Asiana’s approach, its decision to decline crisis communications support from U.S.-based companies was ill-advised. Sure, Asiana is a Korean company with Korean values and most of that flight’s passengers were Chinese and Korean nationals; however, the crash happened on American soil. The company has an American audience, too.

Asiana should have heeded the advice of communications experts who are attuned to the American audience. When it comes to high profile accidents and crises, Americans demand more proactive communications from companies and any delay in response could be interpreted as a lack of concern – a serious mistake in any crisis situation.

Compounding this error in communications strategy, Asiana announced on July 15 that it would sue KTVU, a San Francisco Bay Area TV news station, for erroneously reporting fake pilot names that had been confirmed by an intern at NTSB. The company claimed that the report caused serious damage to the airline’s reputation.

Two days later, Asiana announced that it would no longer pursue a lawsuit:

“(Asiana) has decided to not pursue legal action as a result of a public apology by KTVU for the report in question and (the airline’s) determination to keep all of its resources dedicated to caring for the passengers and family members of Asiana flight 214 and supporting the investigation into the cause of the accident.”

This was the right PR move:
1. A lawsuit claiming damage to Asiana’s reputation contradicts the original statement that now is “not the proper time to manage the company’s image.”
2. In lawsuit-happy U.S., Asiana would not have gained the American public’s sympathy by playing the victim. The passengers and their families are the victims – that’s the bottom line.
3. It would have appeared that Asiana‘s priorities were out of order. Mounting a legal suit would have been a distraction from what should be the number one priority – ensuring the      safety of future flights.

We’re glad to see that Asiana is taking steps in the right direction. Order Phentermine From Mexico isn’t just about protecting your image; it’s also about meeting the needs of your audience.

Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it’s not real

Several weeks ago, I attended a San Francisco Public Relations Round Table Lunch featuring Buy Ambien 20Mg as a guest speaker.

Kit Yarrow, if you don’t already know, is a consumer research psychologist, author and professor at Golden Gate University. Her latest book, Buy Xanax Singapore, takes a look at Generation Y’s purchasing behaviors and what makes them tick.Buy Bulk Ambien

Kit’s presentation was insightful and as a card-carrying member of Gen Y, most of her findings rung true for me personally. However, Kit made a passing reference about the lack of depth in social media interaction that got me thinking.

There’s a prejudice, primarily among older generations, against Buy Diazepam Bangkok. Interactions that take place via social media or text message are viewed as less meaningful than face-to-face or verbal communication. I disagree.

Buy Lorazepam understands how online forums, instant messaging (remember ICQ?) and online gaming opened up our worlds. It allows us to find people with similar niche interests and expand our social networks beyond the people we meet “in real life.” For Gen Y, “virtual” does not mean simulated – our activities in the “virtual” world are very real to us. We’re the generation that pays real money for virtual gaming goods. We’re the generation that “meets” the president on Reddit.

We prefer to communicate digitally because we communicate differently, not because our relationships lack depth.

1. We grew up in the age of multitasking and digital communications facilitates this. We can switch seamlessly from work projects to GTalk to Facebook to Twitter. We hold multiple conversations across multiple platforms.

2. Because of the volume of our communications, we need our conversations to be archivable and searchable. If we forget what time an event starts, we don’t need to pester the harried host with a phone call. We just pull up the details on Elite or Facebook. Joining a project midway and need to catch up? Have relevant emails forwarded to you and read through the email threads to get a better idea of the project’s progression and current status.

3. Digital communications allow us to share in the banalities of each other’s lives, and we LIKE it. Some may scoff at mundane status updates about what one had for dinner or what one wore to a party, but think about your conversations with your closest friends. Aren’t those conversations about nothing in particular?

4. Our vocabulary now includes multimedia. We use pictures, animated gifs, emojis and video/audio clips to creatively convey our thoughts. Digital communications enable us to enrich our conversations with more than just words. An exquisitely selected meme is worth a thousand words.

The same principles apply to companies.

1. Companies should have a multi-platform approach to Buy Valium India Online. – Your audiences will be spread out across different channels online and offline. Pinpoint those channels and prioritize resources accordingly.

2. Make your information easily searchable. – People often conduct their own online research. Facilitate their search by optimizing content on your own channels and have an active online presence.

3. Talk with your audiences. Listen to their stories. Share your stories. – Provide behind-the-scenes details about your product or company. People appreciate getting to know their favorite products and companies. Have a meaningful presence on social media. Don’t wait until you wish you had a Twitter audience or Facebook page to support your brand during a viral crisis. Don’t miss opportunities to have your brand’s fans and supporters affirm you on a daily basis.

4. Communicate visually and creatively. – Consider an infographic to display content in a shareable way or a cleverly captioned image to make your point.

So if I don’t ever call you, it doesn’t mean we’re not friends. It just means I prefer to text or talk online. Similarly, if you feel disconnected from your audiences, it’s not because they have nothing to say. You may just not be listening in the right places.

Food PR Requires A Fresh, Varied Approach

The depth of public discourse about food these days is extraordinary. Every step of the food production process – from ingredient-sourcing to materials used in packaging – is scrutinized. We are obsessed with food and everyone, it seems, is a food expert. When it comes to working with the food media, it’s important to carefully consider your approach with bloggers and journalists. These are some of the factors our team at Fineman PR considers when selecting media to approach for our food PR clients.

Measuring Influence
Influence is not defined strictly by the size of one’s audience. Influence is a result of reaching the right audience. Say you’re introducing a new gluten-free product. It’s a crowded marketplace and you are competing with so many other gluten-free products hitting the market. Sure, a brief mention in the Los Angeles Times will help drive awareness and earn credibility, but a rave review in a gluten-free blog will probably influence more of your key audience –gluten-free minded consumers–  to seek out your product. One percent of L.A. Times readers may be interested in gluten-free products1 while 100 percent of a gluten-free blog’s readers are actively seeking out gluten-free products and will likely be driven to purchase said product  Both media have something valuable to offer with the right approach.

Targeting Markets
Just as you have regional and national traditional media, there are national and regional food bloggers. But unlike traditional media, the blogosphere is not divided into designated market areas (DMA). Buy Lorazepam 2.5Mg may write from Pawhuska, Okla., but she has readers all around the country. Conversely, you have bloggers with national renown such as Buy Cheap Carisoprodol Online, who also write for regional audiences. Again, the right approach will increase your topic’s relevancy (and your credibility).

Preparing for Questions
Sure, your product is delicious, but where did it come from? How was it made? Do you treat your employees well? Consumers want delicious food, but they also want to feel good about buying it. Expect probing questions from traditional journalists AND bloggers. And be prepared for an ongoing dialogue – once an article or blog hits – that may be just the beginning of an in-depth conversation.

Generating Engagement
Compared to the blogosphere, consumer engagement is more limited in traditional media. Bloggers often welcome meaningful interaction with food companies. We work with our clients to create blogger and traditional media sampling programs, party sponsorships, blind tastings, contests and giveaways in addition to trends and issues-focused food news. A robust, diverse approach with both types of media can help differentiate you from your competitors and keep you top of mind among your target audience.

Order Green Xanax Bars Online is an exciting and challenging area of public relations and requires fresh thinking to break through the crowd.


1 An estimated one percent of Americans have celiac disease.

Developing a social media strategy – it’s not just fun and games

What does a Social Media Manager do?

Fineman PR manages the Buy Klonopin Online With Prescriptionfor several of our accounts.  In contrast to many jobs, my position as the Director of Social Media requires that I spend a part of every day on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Managing a client’s social media presence requires so much more than tweeting, uploading photos/videos and getting new people to like/follow a brand. Social media communications is not just about apps and tactics. Adipex Order Canada

PR Ethics and Wikipedia

To edit or not to edit? The Buy Generic Alprazolam is a hot topic in the PR industry right now and there really are no hard and fast rules. Fineman PR’s take? Common sense and transparency should take precedence.

According to Wikipedia: “Buy Lorazepam Online Canada. Rules in Wikipedia are not carved in stone, and their wording and interpretation are likely to change over time. The principles and spirit of Wikipedia’s rules matter more than their literal wording, and sometimes improving Wikipedia requires making an exception to a rule.”

Some PR agencies have a blanket policy against editing Wikipedia entries for clients. While we can appreciate the spirit behind which these rules were created, we believe that such a policy could be a disservice to a client. Why should an organization be prohibited from speaking in a forum about itself? If the goal is neutral and entries factual, why exclude a major source of information?

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