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Here are three insights for brand managers who wish to appeal to Latino consumers:

1. Develop culturally sensitive messaging now

In the past few election seasons, candidates in tight races have sometimes had to change their tune to appeal to Latino voters. In Florida, former Governor Charlie Crist, who, as a Republican, had opposed the Affordable Care Act – a measure Cheap Ambient Guitar Pedals by Latinos – ran as a Democrat in 2014, supporting the ACA and winning the Latino vote (although narrowly losing the election). In a state where a third of Hispanics Lorazepam Cheap said either they or a family member had been uninsured in the past year and about half said they knew someone who was sick and lacked health insurance, it is clear that being on their side could make or break a campaign.

Although you might not be reaching out to a Latino audience today, that could change tomorrow. So it’s important to craft messaging and establish business practices that are culturally sensitive to all groups.

2. Capitalize on their values

Former Republican Governor Rick Perry held office for three terms in Texas, which can be partially attributed to his appeal to Hispanic voters. While Latinos tend to vote for Democrats, Perry tailored his messaging to resonate with them. For example, although he advocated stringent border control, he also supported and signed legislation that allowed illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition at public universities. While many Latino voters might have disapproved of his border stance, they undoubtedly appreciated his support for helping them receive higher education, a topic that perpetually ranks as one of the most important to this audience. This, among other Latino-friendly positions, strengthened his appeal to Hispanics.

In marketing, a primordial element in any campaign is to understand the target consumer. Rick Perry showed us how associating a brand with a cause can lead to acceptance. Once a brand picks a cause or topic, it can position itself as an organization that is driven by more than profits, and this plays very well with an audience, like Hispanics, that is drawn to corporate social responsibility initiatives.

3. Once you’ve won Latinos over, don’t assume their loyalty will last forever

Recently the Democratic Party has experienced a Buy Ambien Amazon in Latino support at the national level. In 2012 Democrats enjoyed a 38 percent advantage over Republicans among Hispanics. However, in just two years, their advantage dropped to 28 percent. During the 2014 senatorial election in Texas, this lower support affected the result: Republican Senator John Cornyn won Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva of the Latino vote in his successful re-election battle. While still shy of a majority, that was a red flag to Democrats, who realized they needed to step up their efforts.

Complacency has no role to play in Latino outreach strategy, even if a brand currently enjoys the favor of this group. What works today might not work tomorrow, and with the median age of Hispanic consumers at Buy Phentermine 15 Mg Online, they can’t be targeted the same way as other audiences. As can be seen from social media, they are continually trying out Buy Phentermine Tablets Uk and engaging with brands.

For more information on Cheap Online Phentermine 37.5, visit Buy Soma Online Usa


Reddit, does your brand get it?

Whether or not you’ve ventured into the world of reddit, you’ve almost certainly heard about it. With an online community of over 174 million people, it’s a powerful culture influencer.

Reddit is a social network and news website where anonymous users, or “redditors,” can subscribe to over 9,600 different communities, or “subreddits.” Are you a total tech junkie? There are about 20 different subreddits that cater to technology enthusiasts. Or maybe you just REALLY like Nicolas Cage? Yes, there’s a subreddit for that too (appropriately titled “One True God”). Subreddits can be cities, industries, interests, religions, hobbies, news and everything in between.

How it works is a redditor submits a text-based post or link, which fellow redditors then vote “up” or “down” to determine the post’s position on the page. The higher a post rises on the page, the more impressions and traffic it receives. Almost any viral content you’ve encountered in the last 10 years dates back to a single post that was significantly up-voted on this “front page of the Internet.” Popular sites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are famous for borrowing content, stories and ideas from reddit.

Buy Valium Phuket

So, why should you care?

With more than 168,519,576 unique visitors per month from more than 208 countries, the better question is probably “why wouldn’t you care?” Based on sheer numbers alone, it’s obvious that, if executed well, reddit can be an incredibly powerful tool for generating brand publicity.

The catch, however, is that reddit prides itself on having little to no tolerance for commercial content. Post something that screams “promotional marketing” and redditors will down-vote you faster than you can learn what “TIFU” means. Not only will the post get buried in the subreddit but your reddit karma, and credibility, will suffer. (Yes. Redditors, like all of us, build karma, but only on reddit is your karma score displayed next to your username.)

As a brand, the key is to navigate reddit gracefully and strategically. Here are three tips for using reddit to help strengthen your brand.

1. Put yourself out there with an AMA

You’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit.

An Ask Me Anything, or “AMA” in reddit-speak, is an open forum where a person of interest posts a thread titled “I am ___, ask me anything” and the most upvoted questions are answered. It’s uncensored, risky and, when leveraged properly, extremely beneficial. Everyone from President Obama to astronauts currently in orbit have tried their hand at it, and for good reason. A high-profile AMA is one of the most coveted interview opportunities in new media because it shows transparency and vulnerability.  An AMA could be a great chance for your CEO to win over legions of redditors with candid yet positive answers to real questions.

Buy Phentermine Online Canada

Image courtesy of Reddit

2. Gather uncensored consumer insight

No matter what market a company operates in, it is certain that at least some of its consumers are on reddit. For example, a company that producers gluten-free cookies can subscribe to a subreddit about baking or living gluten-free to see what its audience is talking about. Because accounts are anonymous, people discuss topics and share opinions with unparalleled candor, giving the company invaluable insight into consumers’ minds. Think of subreddits as a heavily curated glimpse into any lifestyle.

3. Discover trends before they’re trending

Why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he ate his food before it was cool.

Everyone, brands and hipsters included, wants to stay ahead of trends. Keeping ahead of what’s “in” and what’s “out” means that companies can create relevant, interesting content that will appeal to consumers on a more personal level. While some brands are still trying to make “bae” happen, others are already looking ahead (and on reddit) to see what the next big thing will be. Because reddit encompasses and aggregates just about everything under the sun, it’s a safe bet that the next fashion trend or viral video is already being shared and discussed in a subreddit right now. By tuning in to different subreddits you can observe what people are talking about well before there’s a viral meme for it.

TL;DR: Reddit can be a great tool for gaining brand trust and consumer insight; just be sure to play it cool and follow the rules.

Helping a multicultural workforce feel valued

As the U.S. population becomes more diverse, if internal communications are to remain relevant to employees, traditional strategies will have to be developed in a manner that effectively communicates with the increasingly multicultural workforce of the hospitality industry. Currently, there are many minority groups contributing to the American service industry, Buy Adipex Capsules, 23 percent African-American and 16 percent Asian. According to the Online Lorazepam Prices, “deploying good communication practices in an organization with a culturally diverse workforce can positively impact the performance of employees and the organization.”

To attract and motivate the best professionals, hospitality employers should craft internal messaging to be inclusive and considerate of all ethnicities.

Celebrate diversity

Having formal written materials that clearly state the importance the company places on a culturally inclusive work environment can establish the organization as one that values all employees’ backgrounds. But this communication should not be limited to written materials provided to employees. Top leadership and managers at all levels should also speak and act in ways that ensure that everyone feels like an integral part of the organization.

During the 2012 Buy Xanax 10 Mg, Clarence Otis Jr., the CEO of Darden Restaurants, parent of LongHorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden, said, “We strongly believe that understanding and embracing our differences enables us to be stronger individuals and a better team. Our spirit of inclusiveness is woven into our strong culture and we believe that gives us a competitive advantage.” He then explained the importance not just of fostering a diverse team but also creating an inclusive work environment where all employees feel valued.

Understand cultural nuances

While it might seem easier to lump together groups that seem similar (e.g., Asian, Latino) when developing communications plans, it is more helpful to acknowledge the values of distinct ethnicities. For example, while Mexican employees might wish to observe the Day of the Dead, it is not a holiday for their Honduran or Guatemalan colleagues. Being considerate of each group’s traditions and the days they might wish to spend with loved ones helps companies promote goodwill.


Align philanthropic efforts with employees’ interests

Companies should demonstrate their commitment to the community by getting involved with local nonprofit organizations or implementing their own community initiatives – for example a scholarship program for employees’ dependents.

At Buy Adipex Australia employees can apply for $1,500 in tuition reimbursement. They can also participate in Kimpton University, whose courses include English as a second language and diversity and inclusion training, both of which help foster a more diverse workforce. The company has also designated November as Kimpton Cares Month, during which each hotel or restaurant chooses a local charity to which donate or volunteer. Allowing employees to have a say on which organizations the company partners with in the community can go a long way in showing employees that their input matters.

Keep lines of communication open

To create an inclusive work environment it’s crucial that managers see internal communications as a two-way street. At Buy Lorazepam Online Usa, 74 percent of employees felt there was clear and transparent communication in the company, and 80 percent said their managers are approachable and easy to talk with. The hotel incorporates employee enrichment programs which include extensive training sessions for newly promoted employees as well as classroom and online learning for members of their teams.

As Order Xanax Online Usa may make some service industry employees of color hesitant to speak out about concerns, it’s important for companies to ask employees which methods of communication work best for them and adopt the most requested ones. Employers should also consider preparing communications materials in other languages to ensure that all workers understand them.

In more general terms, a proactive communications program will not only provide a return on day-to-day operations but will also become an asset of the organization in times of crisis. Labor disputes, for example, can often affect employee morale, losses in business and damage the company’s reputation. To avoid these potential challenges, management teams can take an active role in communicating with their employees and create long term positive relationships.

Time to Get Innovative – Time to Get Social

We all know people who choose not to spend time on social media because they just don’t see the point. Companies, too, may view social media as irrelevant to marketing their brand. However, naysayers should take a closer look at why social media present so much more than just a thumbs up.

According to the Buy Wyeth Lorazepam, “Fully 88 percent of millennials get news from Facebook regularly, and more than half of them do so daily.” Why, you ask, does it matter where millennials get their current events updates? Well, this cohort (18-34 year olds) happens to be the nation’s single largest population segment, so it has an enormous influence on the way brands seek to influence their consumers. Companies are missing a golden opportunity if they are not reaching out as effectively as possible to America’s 75 million millennial consumers – whose annual spending, by the way, amounts to a tidy $170 billion.

Because millennials use social media not only for news but also to keep up with what’s trending, companies should find it an effective tool to reach these big spenders. In fact, a recent study by Buy Valium Next Day Ukindicates that more and more, millennials are moving away from broadcast and print media and are instead getting their information from Facebook and Twitter. According to survey data from NuVoodoo, as reported in Buy Phentermine Miami, YouTube ranks even higher – much higher – than Twitter with millennials, and Instagram is running neck-and-neck with Twitter, rounding out this cohort’s four favorite social media sites.

Buy Phentermine With Prescription

In Www.Cheap Phentermine.Com writer Tom Funk says that social media offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers. He also observes that social media interaction can lead to higher sales and approval of their products. Social media also offer brands the opportunity to share content and experiences that millennials find worth talking about. Doubters, isn’t it time to take advantage of this?

Here are some insights as to why the doubters should take a different approach to social media:


According to a recent study on Buy Valium From Thailand Online, 70 percent of marketers acquire significant numbers of new customers on Facebook alone. This finding correlates with the observed phenomenon that millennial consumers tend to remain loyal to brands they follow on social media. By connecting to this large group of consumers through its favorite social media platforms, brands can create and strengthen lasting relationships that will ensure loyalty and ongoing sales.

Innovating leads to sharing

While traditional forms of marketing remain important for a brand, a study conducted by Buy Valium Pakistan shows that millennials now tend to steer clear of traditional advertising. The study indicates that brands that appeal to millennials (e.g., NIKE, Apple, Target) not only maintain a strong presence on social media, they are also not afraid to take a marketing approach that is “out of the box” in a way that millennials are apt to remember and appreciate. This generation is also motivated by content that is easily accessible and shareable. This relates to the fact that millennials like to be the first to know about, well, everything. Moreover, the interactivity of social media give millennials the feeling that companies are hearing their voice. That matters to this generation. Thus, brands that want to reach millennials certainly need to pay attention to social media.

Bare it all

Social platforms not only enable brands to create a more transparent personality, they also allow companies to reach out to their community and foster a strong, healthy relationship with consumers.

As an example, Can I Buy Ambien At Walmartrecently had a recall. Thanks to social media, however, the company was able to quickly respond to consumer questions. By positioning the brand as responsive, this transparency strengthened the company’s relationship with consumers.

Social media offer brands the opportunity to reach millennials in innovative ways, which is exactly what they want. So, skeptics, it’s time to get social.

Branding “Brand PR”

Public relations is changing radically and becoming more dynamic. As social media strategy and content marketing are rapidly informing and influencing corporate communication practice, visual storytelling is increasingly dominant as a means of conveying brand meaning to all audiences. More and more, direct-to-consumer and traditional media campaigns are becoming one and the same.

But this new media shift did not come out of a vacuum. Emerging professionals need a strong foundation in the fundamentals of PR. Clients expect it and need this journalistic lens for their messages 1) to have multilateral impact and 2) to remain effective in conveying their brands in an ever-changing media landscape.

Fineman PR practices a unique and highly focused approach to public relations that I dubbed “Brand PR,” which informs the framework of everything we do. Indulging in some agency history for a moment: In the early years of Fineman PR, there was a widely trending idea among marketers about everything Brand: brand advertising, brand identity, brand marketing, package branding and so on. However, there was a category void; no one at that time was talking about how public relations could effectively help a brand stand apart.  I coined the term Brand PR and introduced it to the communications industry in order to, well, brand this intuitive approach which bridged market/consumer research and brand positioning to effective media relations.  It was an exciting time; I went around the country – visiting potential clients, speaking at various forums, and publishing a newsletter to present my interpretation of how public relations could be an effective marketing option to win consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Today, Brand PR is a common professional communications concept and one that Fineman PR still specializes in. Throughout the years, I have been asked many times…what is Brand PR?

Brand PR takes category ownership of a message and value and provides authenticity, editorially and experientially. Its practice captures the brand’s distinctiveness and appeal, encapsulating the need it fills and what’s memorable; Brand PR defines the WOW.

At its core, Brand PR is the projection of a solid image – the basis on which we can apply new tools and techniques to have success.  It is about parlaying an organization’s primary messages with a compelling story, emphasizing attributes that engage consumers and creating an “experience” with the brand. It is based on a set of values – what the brand’s “trustmark” adds to the product. Brand PR helps to make the brand promise so viscerally meaningful – in language, stories and messages – that other factors (price, for example) lose relevance.

Generic Ambien 79 3

While the core of our signature approach remains the same, the nuances have changed to adapt and evolved to meet the needs of today’s marketers.

With tactics aimed at integrating the brand into conversations about consumer trends and issues, our work is aimed at  making the product a part of the rhetoric for any discussion of the need the brand fills. Of course, the storytelling and contributing tactics must be compelling, provocative, entertaining or, generally, communicated with visible activities and thought leadership.

Why else would anyone pay attention?

Buy Phentermine Online In The Uk


Stay ahead of the curve, reach Latinos now

Hispanics, now the nation’s second-largest population group, will become the country’s largest ethnic group by 2044 and grow 57 percent by 2050, Cheap Ambien From India the Pew Hispanic Research Center. At present, one in six Americans (16.4 percent of the population) is Cheap Valium Uk, representing a Buy Adipex Online Usa. Many brands are already working to engage the Hispanic consumer. Those that have not yet begun to do so have less time to develop messaging that will resonate with this audience before it becomes the nation’s largest market.

Buy Xanax Uk Next Day Delivery

Here are five tips for gaining a foothold with this fast-growing population:

1.       Incorporate Hispanic values into campaigns

Whether Latinos are Puerto Rican, Mexican or Argentinian, certain similarities distinguish them from other ethnicities, including strong family ties, overwhelming sociability and unified communities. When considering how to reach Hispanics, brands need to keep this culture in mind and create marketing plans with Hispanic resonance. Simply translating generic materials will yield only a lukewarm outcome. To get impactful results, brands should base their campaigns on cultural insights.

2.       Earn credibility by partnering with a trusted influencer or institution

Last month Macy’s launched a new clothing line with Thalia Sodi, a well-known Mexican singer and telenovela actress. By partnering with a Latin American household name, Macy’s gained leverage that is likely to translate into increased sales. Macy’s projects that 20 percent of the traffic in its stores will be Latino within a few years, up from the current Buy Alprazolam Online Legally Uk. When asked why this Latina audience is so important, Macy’s chief marketing officer, Martine Reardon, responded simply, “They over-index in buying apparel, food, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrances.” Since Hispanics are one of the country’s heaviest-spending target markets, communicating with them effectively can play a vital role in a successful marketing plan.

3.       Generate awareness at a local level and get results

Last year, Buy Lorazepam Europe, Fineman PR’s multicultural division, developed a comprehensive media relations and community outreach campaign for the Buy Soma From Mexico, an organization that serves low- and moderate-income residents of San Francisco’s Mission District, a historically Latino area. The goal of the campaign was to generate awareness of MEDA’s economic security initiatives and boost participation in its programs. By implementing strategic media outreach and conducting an effective media ad-buy campaign, Mosaico saturated local media with MEDA’s initiatives. The result: leaders of the organization saw an increase in the community’s awareness of MEDA and growth in the number of participants at its events. Latinos are very community-focused, so by designing PR and advertising messaging that resonates with their needs, brands can establish themselves as the answers to what community members are seeking.

Ambien Generic Zopiclone

MEDA volunteers assist participants at one of the organization’s events

4.       Engage Digitally

The median age of American Hispanics is 28, compared to 32 for African Americans and Generic Ambien Names. Even more noteworthy is the median age of the American-born Hispanics – Buy Ambien From Us Pharmacy. As of 2012, Where To Buy Klonopin For Cheap of Latinos surveyed by the Pew Hispanic Research Center said they go online, and 68 percent reported they visit a social networking site. In an effort to engage with this audience, Kellogg’s launched Buy Xanax Bali, a website that offers recipes and lifestyle articles designed to reach and engage with the American Hispanic consumer. The site is a great example of how brands can create shareable, culturally relevant content that leads back to a branded website.

5.       Invest now and gain a competitive advantage in the future

By implementing marketing initiatives that target the Hispanic audience now, brands will be one step ahead of their competition in the future. As the audience continues to grow, marketers would be wise to reach out to it now and see what works before it becomes an even larger segment of the population. Companies that are currently reaching out to Hispanics should evaluate their campaigns to ensure that they are engaging with them in a culturally relevant, productive way.

For more information on how you can most effectively reach Hispanic consumers, please visit Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy.


LeBron’s Sad Mirror Photo Instructive for Businesses

First there was “Buy Adipex Diet Pills.” Then came the “Buy Phentermine At Gnc.” Now we have sad LeBron. The ever-content-hungry Internet spares no one, but businesses would be wise to pay attention to the larger story arc of brands that play out on social media and how consumers, especially Millennials, are connecting with them. You need look no further than LeBron James, whose brand will grow following the lampooning he just endured.

On Sunday, LeBron James, two-time NBA champion, four-time Most Valuable Player and aspiring Buy Klonopin Overnight Delivery of Cleveland, missed seven of 11 free throws, including two critical misses with 4.2 seconds left in overtime, as Houston, with title hopes and an MVP candidate of its own, held on to win 105-103 in overtime.

After the game, James took responsibility. “I failed my teammates,” he said. But he went further to Carisoprodol 350 Mg Uses a photo of himself on Instagram, sadly looking into a mirror with a raw, revealing message:

Buy Soma Online Overnight Delivery

“Looking in the mirror tonight after a tough lost of my part like You’re your biggest challenge, competition, drive, obstacle, motivation, etc so it’s nothing u haven’t seen before! Back in the lab tomorrow to continue the drive to striving to be the Greatest I’ve ever seen! #StriveForGreatness”

Enter the Internet. Trolls had a field day, mocking LeBron’s mirror-selfie (Buy Soma Now and Buy Phentermine Online Ebay). Media ate it up, fanning comparisons to “Saturday Night Live” character Buy Phentermine Without A Doctor and fueling the LeBron vs. Michael Jordan Buy Alprazolam Thailand.

While James may not have anticipated how quickly and pervasively he’d be roasted on social, he can turn that frown upside down because his brand will grow as a result. Here are the top five reasons James’ sad mirror photo will not damage – and could actually boost – his brand.

1. LeBron spoke the truth.  

No one is questioning whether or not James was being genuine. Just look at the typos – any PR staffer would have caught those. If he had tried looking upset when he wasn’t or played off the letdown as if it wasn’t important to him, he’d be criticized for being phony or too self-absorbed. Trust is earned, in large part, by being truthful. James was clearly being truthful in a painful situation, which will bring him closer to his fans.

2. He was transparent.

The greatest athletes have larger-than-life brands that can lose a tremendous amount of value if they offend others. Many big-time athletes – and the brands they represent – closely guard their innermost thoughts and feelings. They tend to avoid controversial issues. Not James. He has been outspoken on civil rights and has weighed in many times on collective bargaining issues. After James’ bad day on the court, he opened up in a telling way, letting us into his thoughts and the mind of a champion. Sure, he was lampooned for a couple of days, but in the long run, James seemed to understand that transparency can differentiate him from other all-time greats.

3. LeBron knew his audience.

James was not trying to win over die-hard fans of rival teams (say hello, Boston) or convert basketball-haters. There will always be critics and people with conflicting interests. James was reaching out to his fans. By opening a window to his soul, he was also letting others who might root for him one day see his brand, unvarnished. Communicate with the people who will listen to you.

4. This is part of a bigger story.

James has 20 games left in the regular season and the playoffs to overcome this embarrassing moment. As Sports Illustrated’s “Where Can I Buy Phentermine K 25,” he has been building his reputation and brand since he was a teenager. His fans will continue supporting him. Businesses should take note of the importance of reputation building. It will keep you afloat when – not if – you have a bad day.

5. He tapped into sympathy.

In the aftermath of “Buy Clonazepam Overnight Delivery,” hardly anyone outside of Miami would view James as a sympathetic figure but, since his return to Cleveland, getting mocked for displaying his raw feelings evokes sympathy. He’s revealing pain and hurt, emotions everyone can identify with. The most compelling messages are often driven by emotion.

LeBron James’ bad day on the Internet will be a blip in the larger story of his career and legacy – one that millions in the U.S. and around the world continue to tune into. Ultimately, his brand gains trust. All brands should sit up and take notice. It’s the long game that counts.


2014 Agency Year in Review; Biggest Year in Agency History

This past year marked a terrific 25th anniversary for Fineman PR. It was our biggest year ever in terms of revenue, and we grew to 18 staff members from 13 the year before.

We were honored with a Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil Award and with another national award from PR Daily for work performed on behalf of our longstanding client Foster Farms. This year will be our 17th year in client service for this great consumer brand.

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets

We conducted new client work in 2014 for American Humane Association, the country’s first national humane organization and the only one dedicated to protecting children and animals; Dale Scott & Company, California’s leading K-14 financial advisor; FRSTeam, fabric restoration experts who specialize in restoring clothing and textiles damaged by smoke, fire, water and mold; the Progressive Insurance San Francisco Boat Show, a National Marine Manufacturers Association event; and Athletic Heart of San Francisco, a sports cardiology clinic founded by board-certified internist, cardiologist and interventional cardiologist Dr. Michel Accad.

In addition, our wine practice thrived and is now representing several premium Napa and Sonoma wineries: Quintessa, Lynmar Estate, Truchard Vineyards, Faust, and Roadhouse. Yes, our Wine Wednesdays here at the agency received a major upgrade.

Purchase Xanax Legally Online

For Annabelle Candy Company, Fineman PR managed a social media program that dramatically increased consumer engagement and online visibility.

Another energizing and highly successful program was the agency’s work for Jumping Fences which produces the San Francisco Marathon and Berkeley Half Marathon. With the added feature publicity earned from our effort, the Marathon and Half Marathon registered the best participation to date and drew national attention (ESPN, Today Show) for regional events.

Mosaico, our multicultural communications subsidiary, had its most successful year since the agency began working in multicultural communications in 2005. The success was the result of new work from Mission Economic Development Agency, a community-based social service agency in San Francisco’s Mission District; Tango, a leading mobile messaging service with more than 250 million registered members around the world; Pacific Companies, a developer of affordable housing with a large new project needing visibility and awareness in Southern California, and a large food-related company, the work for which is still top secret. Mosaico grew from three staff members in 2013 to seven this past year.

Cheap Ambien With Prescription

We also built on our foundation of crisis communications expertise by deftly assisting several brands and organizations to prepare, manage and recover from a number of crises, including product recalls, workplace demonstrations, legal challenges and activist campaigns. The best news for many of our clients was, appropriately, no news at all.

And, not least, we moved in April to beautiful new offices near San Francisco’s historic Union Square. Our building is a San Francisco gem, built in 1908, with large bay windows, classical architecture and understated elegance. We almost doubled our size in space from our previous address with energizing spaces for creative brainstorming, “war room” strategy sessions and client workstations.

We are urging all our clients and friends to come by and see first-hand how Fineman PR is evolving.