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On the HR side, Fineman PR made another outstanding hire. Travis Taylor, previously a VP at the agency’s IPREX partner, Communications Pacific in Honolulu, joined the agency last summer. Initially appointed Group Supervisor, Taylor joins a sterling team of seasoned professionals including VP Heidi White, a 16-year Fineman PR all-star; VP Lorna Bush, a 10-year Fineman PR hall of famer; Group Supervisor Toby Baird; Account Supervisor Katie Young; Account Supervisor and Social/Digital Media Director Karmina Zafiro (an 8-year Fineman PR veteran); Mosaico director Juan Lezama; and Senior Account Executive Serene Buckley.


Issues Management for several clients, including: Westmont College near Santa Barbara, Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, Calif., Olympus Calistoga LLC Calif., UC Hastings College of the Law, Golden Gate University School of Law, Mendocino Wine Company and San Diego-based Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Instagram: To Tag or Not To Tag

As PR professionals, we stay up on the hottest trends to help our clients connect with their key audiences, especially if that new trend is free. Www.Cheap Phentermine.Com, an interactive social photo sharing application with an estimated 90 million monthly active users, may not come to mind when thinking about social media outreach; however, we’re living in a society filled with visual learners and a visual element is an important part of our consumer approach.

As an avid Instagramer, I‘ve researched how companies are best utilizing this platform to engage consumers. Combining research with knowledge (okay, obsession) of the app, I compiled a few easy and effective ways for brands to use Instagram.

PR firms should monitor Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube frequently to make sure their clients know all levels in which the brand is being discussed – whether or not the brand has its own presence on social media. Our agency includes Instagram as a component within our daily Buy Valium From Thailand Online, as we found significant chatter on the app about several of our clients. Thankfully it’s good chatter!

Here are some great ways to incorporate Instagram as an element of your outreach Buy Valium Pakistan.

Find a way to upload photos that are interesting and create a conversation with your followers. Posting a question along with your photo is a great way to engage followers and create a platform to gain consumer insight. Can I Buy Ambien At Walmart’s page, CNNIREPORT, recently shared a photo of an egg that froze due to severe cold weather. With the photo, it asked “How cold is it near you? Share your best unfiltered images by tagging #cnnireport.” The prompt led to more than 12,000 posts using CNN’s proposed Generic Ambien 79 3.

#hashtagBuy Phentermine Online In The Uk
A hashtag is a great way to connect users on the basis of a common word or phrase. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to your company but it relates to the photo you upload, tag it! For example, Macy’s uses hashtags such as #sunrise, #shoes, #NYC, #beauty and other words that relate to the Cheap Ambien From India photo. Using these hashtags is a simple way to draw traffic to your page. Be sure not to overwhelm your viewers with tags; three to five is plenty.

Publicly sharing your brand’s information in a unique way gives your audiences another opportunity to give their opinion about your company – both good and bad. Make sure that if you choose to publicize your company using this tool, you are monitoring all feedback. Engage with consumers  who give positive thoughts and reward them by acknowledging their comment. On the other hand, make sure you address any criticism or questions that arise as you would on other social media sites. There are databases you can use to monitor your Instagram analytics such as Cheap Valium Uk and Buy Adipex Online Usa.

Bottom line: be creative. Find a way that people who view your photos will forget it’s a company’s page but rather a profile to follow that will make them excited to see what else you have to share. Instagram is far from a traditional means to reach and engage consumers, but its power shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Pre-crisis Analytics to Help a Brand Respond Effectively When the S*** Hits the Fan

No executive wants to be awakened at 3 a.m. with bad news and told that the company has gone to hell in a handbasket. No company or brand is immune from a crisis. Even the most experienced executives can’t help but ask themselves, “Can we recover from this?” “How long will negative coverage last?” A good crisis plan would be reassuring, but don’t minimize the Buy Xanax Uk Next Day Delivery.

One important thing I have learned at Fineman PR is to put situations into perspective for worried clients in times of crisis. A PR agency can do this in various ways. It can be done by comparing your organization’s crisis to past crises in terms of duration, volume of coverage, reach and momentum over time. For example, a New York Times article that reflects negatively on your brand may seem catastrophic, but when compared to past crises, whether one of your own or those of other organizations, the New York Times article may not be as big as you originally thought. Not to say that a proper response isn’t necessary, but it will help your client and other company execs sleep easier at night knowing their company isn’t going down the drain.

With this bit of information in mind, Fineman PR researched all major product recalls in a client category over the past two years. We used the research to develop a “crisis predictive tool” that would provide our client with better perspective and comparison data should any similar crises arise in the near future. The tool gauged the size and scope of the crisis scenario we were planning compared to similar situations we researched. We were also able to assess Buy Alprazolam Online Legally Uk and determined what worked and what didn’t.

After some blood, sweat and tears, we ended up with an impressive tool that carefully plotted and dissected media coverage of all the various recalls into a concise, easy-to-read format. We developed detailed graphs outlining trends in coverage, outlets that drove ongoing media coverage, influential journalists in the industry that helped direct the conversation as well as coverage trends related to various response tactics from each company.

Not only were the media impressions plotted out on a graph throughout the duration of the crisis, but we were also able to provide a brief summary on the cause of each peak in media coverage. In addition, we researched the company’s response, or lack thereof, and how it helped stop or fuel ongoing media coverage. This data allowed us to develop a ranking scale from 0-11 with 11 being the worst (considerable brand damage) and zero signifying minimal or no brand damage.  Our methodology behind the ranking scale was simple: we developed a point system based on media impressions, media outlet types and the duration of media coverage.

When a brand is facing a crisis, the duration and reach of media coverage is often, directly correlated to the damage inflicted on a company’s overall reputation and business. If our clients find themselves in a crisis, they can rest assured that we are well prepared to assist with this predictive analysis tool.  Of course, their hope is that they don’t need to use our crisis predictive tool, but its value is indisputable. 

Is crisis management your kryptonite? I recommend you call us.

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Wine Country Backroads (or The Hidden Napa Valley)

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Wine lovers and wine tourists often travel across the nation and worldwide to the West Coast to discover wine country, whether that be Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino in Northern California; Santa Lucia, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara near California’s Central Coast; or Oregon’s lush and green Willamette Valley. They usually want to go somewhere their circle of friends and acquaintances have not visited or discovered.

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Standing Apart From the Crowd

I was caught ridiculously off guard during a recent new business client presentation. The potential client asked what three qualities or attributes set my agency apart from others. In the 24 years since I started my agency, I’ve found that potential

clients want to hear more about our thoughts on their business than a recitation of our qualities, so I was more ready to discuss the client’s most mediagenic attributes and our strategic and creative ideas to help achieve their objectives. Generic Ambien Names