Reddit, does your brand get it?

Whether or not you’ve ventured into the world of reddit, you’ve almost certainly heard about it. With an online community of over 174 … More »

Helping a multicultural workforce feel valued

As the U.S. population becomes more diverse, if internal communications are to remain relevant to employees, traditional strategies will have to be developed … More »

Time to Get Innovative – Time to Get Social

We all know people who choose not to spend time on social media because they just don’t see the point. Companies, too, may … More »

Branding “Brand PR”

Public relations is changing radically and becoming more dynamic. As social media strategy and content marketing are rapidly informing and influencing corporate communication … More »

Stay ahead of the curve, reach Latinos now

Hispanics, now the nation’s second-largest population group, will become the country’s largest ethnic group by 2044 and grow 57 percent by 2050, More »

Cheering for those who are trying to make a difference

Turn on the TV, flip through the pages of your favorite newspaper, go to any major news website and it’ll be surprising, after … More »

LeBron’s Sad Mirror Photo Instructive for Businesses

First there was “the dress.” Then came the “llama … More »

2014 Agency Year in Review; Biggest Year in Agency History

This past year marked a terrific 25th anniversary for Fineman PR. It was our biggest year ever in terms of revenue, and we … More »

Navigating a crisis when it doesn’t just “go away”

“Make it go away….” Dreaded legal action, labor or community unrest, product recalls, environmental challenges, corporate scandal, personal scandal, rogue employees, activist attacks, … More »

San Francisco: 13 Signs You Might Be Boat-Curious

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