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JP Morgan Pulls the Plug on Campaign After Hashtag Hijack

We all know social media is a powerful tool companies use to engage consumers, but each campaign has… More

Our Fearless Leader – From Hippie to Warrior

To survive in the PR agency business for 25 years – especially as a boutique firm in the San Francisco Bay Area – you have to be good, get great results and make a winning impression.

Crisis PR during the government shutdown – stuck in Grand Teton National Park

What do you do when you’re facing a crisis situation that you can’t control? U.S. government entities are… More

Storytelling: What Pixar’s 22 Tips teach us about brand PR and content marketing

A couple years ago, former Pixar story artist Emma Coats (@lawnrocket) tweeted a series of “story… More

“What is Reddit?” Video Now Popular on Reddit and Five Reasons Brand Managers Should Care

If you’ve never really grasped Reddit, or how or why this social media site is one of the most powerful ones out there, let this You Tube video explain it.

A Brand (PR) Apart

So many public relations agencies and other marketing-related groups emphasize their prowess in helping clients build their brands, Fineman PR among them with its time-tested “Brand PR” approach.

New networks are now going after Generation Y Latinos

Fusion, a new television venture by ABC and Spanish-language broadcaster Univision, will be launching this October.

Brand PR roadshow. What’s the impact for brands when a PR agency steps behind the wheel?

The roadshow (or whistle-stop tour) is a tried and true tactic for Brand PR.

Hungry Eyes: Using Social Media Monitoring for Crisis PR, Brand PR and Corporate Communications Strategies

It’s no secret that stupid and illegal social media activity can cost people their jobs. (The latest they-did-what?!… More

Wine PR insights from our resident wine expert

Brand building and brand loyalty are challenges most businesses face and this is especially true in the wine industry.

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