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Crisis Communications: When Silence Is Your Choice, You Should Still Be Prepared

In our crisis communications practice, our recommendations and our clients’ responses run the gamut from telling the… More

Pinterest Success = Channeling Your Inner Tween

At the height of my tween-hood, circa 1991, I had a poster of hunky, 90210 boy-next-door protagonist Jason… More

Graduates: D is for Delete!

Details, schmetails. Who cares about them these days? With all of the social media posts, texts, IMs and… More

Five tips for promoting alcohol products to Hispanics

More drinkers to come: The percentage of drinking-age… More

Revolution Aside, I Just Want to Eat.

(Yes, I am Mom Enough to Say It.)


Here’s to the mom bloggers!

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, we at Fineman PR would like to take a moment… More

Developing a social media strategy – it’s not just fun and games

What does a Social Media Manager do?

Fineman PR manages the More

Souvenirs from IPREX Sonoma Conference

A few souvenirs from the Sonoma experience:

Do Decant.

In the midst of a glorious early morning wine… More

For Your (Everyone’s) Eyes Only

What do fine wines, James Bond, Wikipedia, venture capitalists, control freaks and online privacy have to do… More

Reputation Management in the Digital World

As a member of one of the world’s More

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