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The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is a community organization that serves low- and moderate-income residents of San Francisco’s Mission District, a historically Latino area, since 1973. MEDA strives to create opportunity by providing financial, business development, homeownership, tax preparation, workforce development, educational, and technology and Internet services.

In 2012, MEDA won a $30 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to serve as the lead agency of the Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) initiative. MPN brings successful local nonprofits together with public and private partners to work with kids and families to break the cycle of poverty. The initiative links family economic security with student academic achievement. Harlem Children’s Zone, the nation’s first “Promise Neighborhood,” found that by bettering a family’s economic situation you directly improve a child’s ability to succeed from cradle through college to career.

MEDA enlisted Mosaico to generate awareness of the MPN initiative in the community and to drive participation in its programs.


  • Increase awareness of and participation in the MPN initiative and its services among:
    • Families belonging to MPN’s five partner schools
    • Teachers, nonprofit partners, community leaders, community influencers and potential benefactors
  • Increase engagement and collaboration with MPN community partners
  • Promote the impact and value of the MPN initiative to the public, policymakers and funders


To raise community awareness of the initiative, Mosaico aimed to saturate local media with MPN messaging through a comprehensive media relations, PSA and paid-advertising campaign.

To secure ongoing media coverage, Mosaico promoted numerous MPN events and workshops addressing a range of community issues. By pitching fresh news that directly affects the community on issues like education, homeownership, access to technology, unemployment and financial literacy, Mosaico attracted ongoing media interest.

Mosaico also reached out to numerous community radio and television stations to secure PSA placement. Mosaico updated PSAs with new information every month, reinforcing media relations messaging at no cost to the client.

To further extend MPN’s reach, Mosaico managed the production of radio and TV advertising to raise awareness of the various ways that MPN works to improve the community and to generate pride among its residents of the Mission District’s culture and diversity. Slightly different versions of the ads will be used throughout the initiative’s five-year duration.


In a four-month period Mosaico secured 17 broadcast segments on local TV and radio stations resulting in more than 28 minutes of airtime and 1.24 million impressions. Coverage was secured in all major Bay Area Spanish-language TV outlets, including Telemundo, Univision, Mundo FOX and Azteca TV. In the same period, Mosaico secured eight stories in local print/online media, resulting in more than 430,000 impressions. In a four-month period the campaign generated more than 1.6 million impressions in Bay Area media with 63 percent of the coverage delivering all campaign messages. As a result, on-the-ground volunteers reported a higher community awareness of the MPN initiative and MEDA’s role as the lead agency. MEDA also reported higher-than-ever foot traffic at its own annual events.