Community Relations

Our community relations expertise helps you build lasting, meaningful relationships in the communities where you want to do business. Whether on a regional or national scale, Fineman PR knows how to break down barriers between an organization and community audiences.

We build trust among community influencers and at the grassroots level by both listening attentively and ensuring your story is compellingly presented and heard – with attention to tone, context and nuance. Employing the right tools – e.g., sponsorships, site tours, community networking and meetings, business openings and special events, credible and forthright positioning – can awaken the support of an entire community.

Are you introducing a new product, service or initiative to the community? Undertaking a new project? Want to know how to handle a potentially contentious issue or raise awareness on a personal level?

Our community relations team will work closely with you to chart and forge a path that benefits both your organization and the communities you wish to influence, creating “win-win” situations. Our community relations capabilities extend to multicultural audiences through Mosaico, our multicultural division.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Fineman PR has provided pro bono services to nonprofits including San Francisco’s Project Homeless Connect, Latino Community Foundation, Latina Breast Cancer Agency and the Jewish Community Federation.


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