#Content is King, and so is brevity. Can you define #PR in 140 characters?

A few members of our team took a crack at it. How would you define PR in 140 characters or less? Tweet at us, @FinemanPR, and let us know!

  • Strategic communications connecting organizations to their key audiences
  • Creating and managing goodwill for an organization’s products, services and/or values with ppl who can affect its present and future welfare
  • #PR Getting your message across so effectively that your audience tells your story for you
  • #PR: Strategic communications that build relationships between an organization and its key audiences
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with key audiences through a variety of communications channels
  • The methods and activities to establish and retain the favor of an organization’s stakeholders.
  • #PR is engaging in creative, timely storytelling and a two-way conversation with audiences to reach organization objectives
  • Not spin. Not puff. Credible, strategic communications connecting organizations with their audiences with the power to effect change
  • Brand PR communicates the brand promise and creates such a value message for consumers that mitigating factors lose relevance.












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