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In today’s increasingly fragmented wine marketplace, a compelling story that draws consumers to your brand can be the deciding factor that determines whether they choose to pop your cork.

Matt Kramer’s recent Wine Spectator feature, “Buying Lorazepam Uk,” surmises that a compelling story “adds a dimension of understanding and appreciation” to a wine, or even an entire wine category, beyond price, reviews and other factors that consumers weigh before making a purchase.

Ultimately, a wine’s “brand story” has the power to attract, and resonate with, consumers making wine buying decisions, especially in the ultra-luxury category. Far more than the copy on the back label, the brand story is the finely crafted brand messaging that consumers are presented with at every touch point.

Supermarket shoppers perusing the “commodity wine” shelves – with dozens of wines at similar prices and perceived levels of quality – are more likely to be drawn to eye-catching labels and clever names than a brand story. If they don’t enjoy their purchase, they’re out only $10 and will quickly move on to the next brand that catches their attention.

However, at the luxury and ultra-luxury levels (let’s say wines exceeding $75 retail), exceptional quality is assumed. And yes, some consumers will always chase the “it” wines of the moment or those receiving the latest high scores in Wine Spectator or from Robert Parker. For just about everyone else, it is the history, people, place and other elements of a wine’s brand story that lead them to make the investment (or perhaps the splurge) on a particular luxury wine.

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Here are five tips to telling a compelling brand story for a luxury wine.

  • Be Authentic: Your story needs to be real, not contrived. This is what builds trust with your audience. Bill Harlan famously founded Buy Diazepam Tablets 10Mg with the vision of producing a California “First Growth” from the hills of Oakville, and he’s adhered to this goal for 25 years with remarkable success.
  • Make It Memorable: Authenticity is essential, but it’s not enough. To be powerful, a brand story must also stick in consumers’ minds. A memorable brand story coupled with memorable quality creates brand loyalty, which is critical in a wine category where direct-to-consumer sales are so important. California wine lovers will always remember the blind wine tasting in Paris that put Order Diazepam Australia – and Napa Valley – on the map. Identify the element of your brand that resonates most powerfully with consumers and build a story around it.
  • The Human Element: Great brand stories are inspired by the people who bring your wine to life – those individuals who have worked to create, develop and nurture your brand. Not every brand has a winemaking icon like Robert Mondavi behind it, but each luxury brand does have a visionary such as Buy Diazepam Liquid or Order Alprazolam as its driving force. Make sure your consumers not only know him or her, but feel a connection.
  • Set Yourself Apart: All ultra-luxury wine brands have some sort of a brand story, so there are bound to be overlapping components. That’s OK. Just make sure at least one facet of your story is uniquely yours. Order Xanax 2Mg was founded on the principle of “One Estate, One Wine,” and it’s stayed that course since its founding.
  • Keep It Simple: Your narrative will likely include many supporting elements, but one overarching theme will make it easier for consumers to recall your brand when it’s time to purchase. Think of this as the “headline” to your story.

What’s your story? If you want to know how your brand can benefit from a wine PR program, give me a Buy Zolpidem Next Day Delivery. We’ll be happy to help.

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