Infographic shows how Girl Scout cookies crumble

When one thinks of Girl Scout Cookies, a uniformed salesgirl and rich chocolate coating may come to mind; however, there is much more than that. Each box of Girl Scout Cookies helps support valuable programs and services in the community that teaches girls the value of business ethics and financial literacy. The importance of these values is one of the key elements the Girl Scouts of Northern California teaches its members and is a lesson that will hopefully be carried with them as they grow up.

Plus, there is no denying that it’s just a wonderful tradition from this great organization that the girls – as well as cookie lovers – look forward to year after year.

This year, we helped Girl Scouts of Northern California celebrate National Cookie Day with a fun infographic that shows how these tasty treats do good in the community. So when you purchase a box, you can feel good knowing that not only are you enjoying a tasty treat, you are helping your community.  

We are having an inner office debate on which is the best cookie out of the eight flavors. Which is your favorite?  

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