Google Shopping Express in San Francisco – confessions of a beta tester (infographic)

In public relations, it is our job – or perhaps calling – to be observant arbiters of emerging processes, especially in the way consumers interact with and discover new brands or products. So when it comes to a new service meant to enhance, enrich and accelerate the shopping experience, the PR and Marketing world watches with bated breath.

Enter Google Shopping Express – a new service now in beta test in San Francisco which offers same day delivery from local retailers. The current king of rapid, non-emergency transfer of goods-to-human delivery is Amazon Prime’s two day service, which is not to be undercut by Google’s recent attempt. Nor is any other unique delivery vehicle that has enlivened product awareness in cluttered markets: what the monthly subscription of Birchbox did for beauty brands has been so successful, spin-offs are multiplying like rabbits in spring time [while there is no Birchbox counterpart tailored to rabbits (yet), there is Barkbox, a monthly delivery of goods for your pooch].

As we continue to bask in the whimsical trend of pop-up services and offerings, it’s hard to imagine things slowing down anytime soon. You want it? Now it can be there in a matter of hours, hand-delivered by a gentleman or woman sporting a Google-green polo shirt and a smile. It’s evocative of a 1950’s era Milk Man. Technology has moved us forward to get us back to that level of customer service.

The quickening of the consumer lifecycle inevitably leads to trend forecasting and social media campaigns meant to rise to the occasion; to be as quick-witted and accommodating as the delivery service itself.  And what better way to learn a language than to be immersed in the culture?

Fineman PR decided to play house with Google Shopping Express as beta users. The infographic is a snapshot into our first beta-test experience, and we’ve since continued to shop up a storm.

Infographic – Google Shopping Express – an experiment by Fineman PR

While it may be too soon to make any major leaps and projections for PR implications, what perhaps is most notable about this service is the inclusion of smaller, local, artisan brands like Blue Bottle Coffee into the mix, and what it means for awareness building. But for now, we’re shopping from our desks with abandon, enjoying the immediacy of our deliveries and becoming more fluent in consumer processes – and all for the sake of research.

Calendar note: For San Franciscan’s interested in Google’s continued global/digital domination, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen will be speaking June 4th here in the city, brought to you by the Commonwealth Club.

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