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Fineman PR Is A San Francisco-Based, Full-Service Public Relations Firm.

Founded in 1988, Fineman PR provides award-winning PR services to clients ranging from small wineries to Fortune 500 companies.

    Our ‘Brand PR’ Approach

    Fineman PR coined the term Brand PR two decades ago – in 1995 – as a way to focus consumer messaging on each client’s brand. Today, Brand PR is the foundation on which we build and carry out all our strategies. More »

    Consumer PR

    Whether you’re marketing a new product, launching an organic program, seeking a higher profile or trying to maintain consumer confidence as you go through a management change, Fineman PR can help. More »

    Crisis Communications

    In today’s culture of instant and persistent media exposure, online defamation and quick-draw lawsuits, Fineman PR offers clients the battle-tested experience and strategic savvy needed to navigate through stormy seas and into calmer waters. More »

    Multicultural Communications

    Mosaico, Fineman PR’s multicultural division, provides culturally relevant and appropriate communications assistance, especially for Latino and Asian-American communities. More »

    Community Relations

    Our community relations expertise helps you build lasting, meaningful relationships in the communities where you want to do business. Whether regionally or nationally, we know how to break down barriers between an organization and community audiences. More »

    Reputation Management

    Your brand is only as strong as your reputation, which can change dramatically – at the speed of a tweet – if not managed deftly and responsibly. More »

    Digital and Social

    Digital and social media have changed the way we transmit and receive information. New apps, platforms and updates impact the effectiveness of your digital and social media efforts. And it’s not just about “likes” and “followers.” More »

    Media Relations

    Fineman PR finds the beating heart of every story and presents and highlights it in a way that will capture the attention of the media that your key audiences read and watch. More »

    Media Training

    Whether you’re an experienced spokesperson or preparing for your first time before the cameras, we can help. More »

    Measurement and Analytics

    Our comprehensive measurement program and proprietary analytics tools determine the effectiveness of all parts of your communications program and the degree to which they achieve your objectives. More »

    Latino PR

    Fineman PR’s multicultural division, Mosaico, specializes in helping brands connect with Latinos through focused Hispanic marketing that addresses their needs. More »

    San Francisco PR Firm

    As one of the top PR Firms San Francisco has to offer, Fineman PR provides Bay Area clients with exceptional marketing communications strategy thanks to our local insight and industry expertise. More »

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