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I recently joined representatives from 17 public relations agencies from around the world at a global leadership conference in Paris. The conference was hosted by Buying Lorazepam Uk, a network that comprises more than 70 of the world’s top independent communications agencies. Since Fineman PR joined IPREX in 2000, we’ve expanded our playbook of winning communications strategies and broadened our understanding of multicultural communications. Our affiliation with IPREX benefits not only our agency but also our clients.

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IPREX provides a channel for member agencies to share knowledge, experiences and expertise. Our involvement allows us to extend our network beyond our geographic headquarters so that we are equipped with an arsenal of global resources, including personnel, to serve our clients’ needs across the country and around the globe. Thanks to IPREX, we can provide access to even the most complex international markets and industries. From trends to sales numbers, IPREX gives us insights and ideas that help inform the strategies and approaches we offer our clients.

We meet with our partner agencies several times a year to continue an ongoing dialogue about our industry. We discuss regional and global public relations trends and best practices to broaden our horizons and enable us to better serve our clients. This priceless exchange of information opens the door to a world of opportunities.

The Paris conference was intended for agency account people to help promote staff education and build leadership skills. Our meeting room was abuzz with a palpable electricity that emerged from the conflation of distinct voices, accents and perspectives. From Estonia to Australia, communications professionals face similar challenges and opportunities, yet may have different ways of approaching them. Having a discussion with my international peers about PR approaches, strategies and responses was enlightening and integral to realizing the importance of diversity – on a broad spectrum – for successful communications programs.

Buy Diazepam Tablets 10MgAs communications professionals, we seek to reach a range of audiences depending on our clients’ brand identities and business objectives. We are tasked with understanding our audiences so that we can develop appropriate, impactful strategies. To reach an audience is to genuinely and authentically understand those we are targeting.

Working with agencies from all over the world offers important lessons in cultural diversity – a value we prioritize at Fineman PR. Communicating – and resonating – with multicultural audiences demands a deep knowledge of cultural values and identity, and IPREX helps to expand the cross-cultural strengths and consumer insights of our own diverse and multiculturally-savvy staff.

Currently, 51 brands turn to more than one IPREX partner for their PR needs. The collaborative relationships we’ve forged with one another allow us to serve our clients strategically and efficiently. When we join forces with other agencies, we work together under one umbrella with a common purpose. The result is a deep bench of expertise and global perspective that strengthens our agency and equips it with the tools needed to best serve our clients.

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