Media Training

Proficient spokespeople know the difference between answering a question and conveying a key message, and they manage interviews proactively so as to deliver your messages. Whether you’re an experienced spokesperson or preparing for your first time before the cameras, we can help.

When faced with the bright lights and intense glare of the media spotlight, will you know what to say? Can you stay on message and bring balance to an interview with a skeptical, aggressive journalist?

We customize our comprehensive media training program to the needs of your brand and your spokespeople’s comfort level/experience. Our seasoned media pros develop “live-fire” training scenarios, rehearsing tough questions on camera in a potential scenario and putting you through the paces for broadcast and online/print interviews as well as for public testimony or community/stakeholder meetings. We provide immediate video playback and analysis to sharpen your skills during the half- or full-day session. We also conduct large-group sessions with breakouts to make sure all potential spokespeople get the “live-fire” experience and feedback they need.

• Media Training
• Crisis Communications Training
• Message Development
• Scenario Planning

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