Quick Photography & Video Tips for PR Pros


You’re at a client event and your photographer is stuck in traffic; the broadcast media you were expecting have changed plans as some breaking news has developed, and you desperately need B-roll. What ever the case may be, in your PR career, there will  be a time when you need to take decent, if not exceptional photos.

We’ve had high quality footage that was taken on an iPhone run on the news the next day, and many times our clients have asked for our photos from an event rather than use the shots their photographers took.

So here are some quick tips for when you’re in a pinch and just need to buckle down and get the shot:

    1. The Rule of Thirds – Once you know it, this one is very easy to remember, and will make a word of difference in your photo composition. An image should be imagined as divided equally into thirds—both horizontally and vertically—and important elements should be placed either along the dividing lines or their intersections. Like so:
    2. Don’t be afraid to get in close – It can be intimidating to get in front of a crowd or possibly get in someone’s way to get the photo you need, but getting in close is often necessary for the best picture. So don’t be afraid; get in there and get your shot!
             It can be the difference between this photo                                   …and THIS photo
    3. Remove distractions! – Good photos and videos should look as clean as possible, with a focus on the subject. When in doubt, just shoot against a plain white background, and remove anything that distracts from the subject. Even if it’s just a small crack, or there’s a poster on the wall, or replacing a patterned paper plate with a plain white sheet of paper. Minor details make a big difference.
      img_1064 img_1063

This is part one of a series of quick tips we will be doing on the blog, so please keep an eye out for our next batch!

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