Spread Good Cheer By Engaging Your Fans This Holiday Season

While Cyber Monday is behind us, holiday posts boasting gift ideas and deals continue to clog consumers’ newsfeeds. How do brands connect with their fans online without becoming victims of the dreaded “unsubscribe” function during holiday content overload? Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are among popular sites that brands use to reach their fans with holiday news. Facebook recently changed its algorithm – ultimately bringing interesting posts with high engagement to the top of the newsfeed – rewarding brands for making an impact. Highly strategic, visually appealing posts have the greatest success rate at keeping brands top of mind, especially during a season filled with packed schedules and holiday commitments. Here are three tips to keep your fans cheerful this festive season:

elf1.     Sharing is caring.

In order to engage with your fans, provide valuable content that is interesting and relevant. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about answering the questions they are seeking to answer throughout their day. Is time your audience’s most valuable asset? Give them tips on saving time. Make them smile or laugh by posting an inspiring story, photo or silly meme, if relevant to your brand. If you can elicit a reaction from your fans, the likelihood increases that they will share with their own social media network.

2.     Don’t go dark.

Although it’s the holidays and many people are out of the office or on vacation, your brand doesn’t get “time off” and should maintain an active presence with your fans. Continue to post according to your regular schedule, even if it’s a pithy greeting, fun fact or shareable visual and interact with your fans by liking and responding to comments, addressing challenges or even complaints. Your fans want to be heard and recognized and will appreciate the attention.

3.     Make your Facebook fans feel special.

This is the time of year for glad tidings. Thank your fans for their support and interest throughout the year. It’s ok to be sentimental. Making your fans feel appreciated will strengthen their connection with your brand. Now is also an opportunity to tease your fans with a glimpse of your 2014 plans. Ring in the New Year by building excitement with your fan base!


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