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Order Diazepam 20 MgI recently attended a fundraiser gala for Diazepam Kopen Arnhem, a pioneering nonprofit community health care provider and one of our clients. The event sold out, had many returning donors, and surpassed its fundraising goal, plus everyone seemed to be having a great time. Perfect outcome, right?

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          Catalina Villa, Ivan Becerra

Not so fast. A good fundraiser gala isn’t just lucrative, it’s fun, and when it’s as well-run as HealthRIGHT 360’s was, the event looks effortless. However, insiders know this one involved months of planning, networking, and problem-solving — and required a huge investment of staff time. Even with the success of the event, an unavoidable question loomed: is the effort worth repeating next year? After all, to be worthwhile, a glamorous gala can’t just be profitable—it also has to have a better ROI than alternative initiatives.

Despite the enormous effort involved in pulling off the event, my answer is an unequivocal and enthusiastic yes. (I’m even tempted to add an exclamation point here.) Beyond cost per dollar raised and donor retention rates, both important metrics for fundraiser events, nonprofits should think of fundraising events as secret public relations weapons to boost their brands. Here are three reasons why we think nonprofits should pursue high-profile fundraisers, despite their daunting start-up costs:

1) Donor relations: Fundraising events help nonprofits stay close with their donors. Even lower-key events like happy hours can signal to donors that the organization remains active and relevant.

2) Fundraisers make you stand out: Special events give you a chance to tell a compelling story and make a stronger case for the organization than in an email. Even if that email manages to duck your donors’ spam folders.

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    Jeff Schlinder, Steven Reidbord, Kirsten Tucker, Vitka Eisen

Cocktails, meeting well-liked organizers, dressing up: all of this creates an immersive experience for donors that amplify the emotions involved in giving. For a few hours you have a captive audience and if you give them a memorable experience, you can turn guests into donors, and donors into brand evangelists. HealthRIGHT 360 is particularly savvy at this. Taking a cue from their 1960s San Francisco hippie roots, they named their fundraiser the Lorazepam Online Purchase and encouraged guests to dress in groovy attire, which provided an interactive experience and show donors the fun side of this very serious organization. #FlashbackFriday

3) They put your best people on the ground: Galas are a great opportunity to flex your networking muscle; it’s the perfect time for board members and senior staff to become connectors and influencers. When you develop relationships at a fundraiser, you not only get the relationship itself—you also foster the perception that your fundraiser is a must-go event.

Zolpidem Order Lorazepam

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