Two Tongs Make a Right! Tips to Avoid a Summertime Grilling Fail

This Fourth of July, before you light up the grill, it is important to remember safe food practices and the often overlooked simple steps that can make a big difference in preventing a food safety slip. Even seasoned chefs and self-proclaimed grill masters could use a refresher as the weather warms. Don’t become a statistic – as one in six Americans experience foodborne illness every year. Your stomach and your guests will thank you later.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Food Network personality and cookbook author Aida Mollenkamp for client Foster Farms. Her food safety tips to avoid a grilling mishap are below. 

  1. Never defrost meats on the counter.
  2. Prepare two marinades: one for raw meat and one for basting.
  3. Designate one colored cutting board for meat.
  4. Use separate tongs for raw and cooked poultry.
  5. Sanitize your kitchen and utensils.

Consider this a summer school refresher to help everyday grillers become the masters of the BBQ their aprons proclaim they are and stop a summer soiree fail before it starts.


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