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Brand building and brand loyalty are challenges most businesses face and this is especially true in the wine industry. Our friends at Great Wine News recently explored the biggest challenges facing wine brands in the U.S., and included insights from our resident wine expert, Toby Baird, on the inside scoop… er, pour. His take – brand building and maintaining brand loyalty are more challenging than ever in today’s uber competitive wine market, especially for those brands in the “everyday” price point found in most supermarkets and large beverage retailers. By the way, did you know Fineman PR coined the term Brand PR in 1995 to help consumer brands break through the noise of cluttered consumer markets?

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Great Wine News

We asked, “What is the biggest challenge in the wine industry in the U.S. is at this time?” Toby Baird, Group Supervisor at Fineman PR gave us his insight.

“Building and maintaining brand loyalty is one of the key business challenges facing wine brands today. Not so much the wines at the very bottom of the price scale, nor those on top, but the “everyday” brands competing on supermarket shelves from about mid-thigh height to eye level or so, wine priced from about $8 to $15, or premium to super-premium wines.”

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